Nashville Flipped Premiere- Behind the Scenes

A 1904 Folk Victorian in Springfield, Tennessee couldn’t be that much trouble to renovate, right?!  Well, if you saw the premiere episode last night of the DIY Network's “Nashville Flipped,” you saw how challenging this renovation was even for an expert house flipper and show host Troy Dean Shafer. 

As the official Nashville Flipped interior designer, from reproducing the intricate dentil moulding on the exterior to the game changing, vaulted ceiling, there were so many inspiring details which really got my creative design juices flowing.

The living room’s 1960s style fireplace was a fun challenge.  I went on the search for a great mantle. Simple but beautiful antique pieces can immediately transform a space.  The warmth of the wood tone and the perfect scale of the piece made it feel like it had always been there.  Of course, Troy worked his magic by removing the dated brick and setting the stage for the unique replacement.

The biggest discovery was the original wallpaper.  It presented a timeless color palette which served as the foundation for the home’s color scheme. In this case, simple pastels on a neutral background. This is an important element that I weave into all my projects in some way.  Find that one key element that you LOVE, and build your color story around it for originality and continuity.

A shared love of architecture and preserving these beautiful Nashville historic homes really makes this journey with Troy and Nashville Flipped so much fun.  Watching the first episode it seemed like so long ago, when in reality it has just been a few months. Troy and I, as well as the entire crew of the show developed such wonderful friendships.  Troy has a big heart, and even when we don't agree on design, we always agree on the importance of working together. We both share a passion for these old homes. And we have so much FUN doing it! I hope you loved the first two episodes and watch next week for more inspiration and preservation!

And speaking of fun, Troy and I hosted a premiere party for about 150 of our closest friends at Tackle Box Films HQ in Marathon Village. What a way to kick off this adventure!

Nashville Flipped Premeire Party Crowd

Mike Wolf- Julie Couch- Troy Shafer- Nashville Flipped

I’ll be sharing more great design tips from Nashville Flipped on Friday, April 22 at the Country Living Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee at 3 p.m. on the main stage.  I’d love for you to drop by and visit and I’m going to make it even easier.  Head over to my Instagram on Monday where I’ll be giving away several tickets! And, don’t forget to keep tuning in on Wednesdays for the latest episode of Nashville Flipped and then checking back in here for the scoop on what was happening behind the scenes!